File Preparation Tips FAQ

We may not have every font that you use in a bib or logo design.  To avoid issues it is usually best to outline (convert to shape) the text before submitting.  You may also provide us with fonts (PC only).  If necessary, we may be able to provide a substitute font.  Keep in mind that fonts which have been outlined can no longer be edited.  Feel free to submit your artwork for review before making unnecessary changes.

Note:  You can provide us with an alternative font for bib numbers if you do not want to use our default font.

We use CMYK color coding values.
We can print spot colors (Pantone).  Please note that due to the nature of printing on Tyvek®, colors may vary slightly.  Exact Pantone color matches not guaranteed.

Numbers can be any size, any color, any font (as long as we have it) and can be placed anywhere on the bib, including vertically.

Avoid placing logos or text where drill holes will be.

Artwork must have square, not round corners.  (Bib corners will be rounded during production.) 

Please ensure that trim marks, drill hole outlines, bib numbers and anything that is not directly part of the artwork itself can be easily removed.  We prefer they are on a separate layer or not there at all. 

Avoid placing art or logos too close to the edge.   Add bleed:  For designs that stretch from bib edge to edge we require a 1/8 inch additional bleed.  For example, a bib with the finish size of 7.5” x 5.875” should be designed at 7.625” x 6”.  The outer .125” border will be trimmed off all 4 sides during production. 

Remember to outline (convert to shape) or provide any fonts we may not have.

Linked files must be either embedded in the artwork or sent to us separately so we can correctly open the file (unless no editing whatsoever is required).