About Us

Our founder Ken Zirk started Marathon Printing after more than twenty years of printing race numbers for other companies. In 1989 he bought out the race number division of the company he was a partner in and started out on his own in his garage. His goal was to produce the best quality race numbers at the best price possible. That business model has grown Marathon Printing, Inc into the corporation that it is today. We ship custom designed bibs, stock bibs and race accessories all over the globe for any kind of event. We have provided numbers for television programs like Frasier and Two and a Half Men, music videos, television commercials, and movies like Jerry Maguire, weddings where the bride and groom are avid runners and met during a marathon, back yard barbeques, and major running events like Los Angeles Marathon, Chicago Marathon and New York Marathon. 

Don Zirk, Ken's son, was handed the reigns to Marathon Printing in 1998 so Ken could retire. Don works hard to continue the values and work ethic that his father poured into Marathon Printing during his tenure. Don does very little advertising as most of our business is word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients, and thankfully the work load gets bigger every year. We are a small, family company of usually less than 10 employees and do our best to be as hands on with all of our clients creating a one on one relationship to make sure every client's need is met. 

In the world we live in today, becoming environmentally aware is necessary and very important. Ken had this foresight years before becoming "Green" was so necessary and popular. As a result of that we have always used low solvent based ink to help cut down on our environmental footprint. We print our race numbers on Tyvek® which is a product that can be recycled and contains 25% recycled materials like milk jugs. We have a large recycle dumpster off the dock and recycle everything that our garbage service will take from cardboard to cans and office paper to napkins. Everyone here enjoys their job and works hard as a team to provide you, the customer, with the exact product you need for your event on time every time.